A piece of paradise on Brisbane’s doorstep. Those are the words that encapsulate Lockyer.

Nestled between picturesque mountain ranges and hosting the world’s seventh most fertile valley, Lockyer is home to the best produce and some of the best people Queensland has to offer.

Stretching from the bottom of the Toowoomba Range to the edge of Ipswich, capturing the Lockyer Valley and southern parts of the Brisbane Valley, Lockyer is 2,344 square kilometres of rural paradise. Showcasing an unparalleled mix of small town living and wide open spaces, Lockyer offers its residents a rural lifestyle second to none.

Home to people relieved of the stress of city living, who treat everyone like family, the Lockyer spirit is infectious and inescapable. Everywhere you go, there’s always someone ready to lend a hand in a time of need, offer a willing ear, or just give you a friendly smile and hello when you’re feeling down. Not that you’ve got much reason to when you’re living in Lockyer.

It’s not just the spirit of the people that’s inescapable. Wherever you go to eat, whether it’s to one of Lockyer’s amazing array of cafés and restaurants, or just at home with the family, chances are you are feasting on something grown right here. Indeed you would be hard pressed to find a Queenslander who hasn’t eaten some of the wide array of produce grown in Lockyer. But who can blame them, it is the best in the world!

There’s more to Lockyer than just fine produce though. With its diverse array of communities and people, Lockyer is a hub for culture and new experiences. Whether it be shopping in small town boutiques, taking in the beauty and tranquillity of Lockyer National Park or getting adventurous on the picturesque Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, there’s always something to explore or experience. Just make sure you stop off in Lowood or Fernvale to recharge after hitting the Rail Trail.

Put simply, Lockyer is a place words cannot begin to describe. Its inhabitants are some of the luckiest in the world. If you’re not one of the lucky ones, why not come spend a day and see what you’re missing out on. You may be so impressed you’ll just want to stay forever.

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Jim McDonald MP - Building a better Lockyer
Jim McDonald MP - Building a better Lockyer