Promising News for Somerset Recyclers

Somerset residents keen to take part in the Queensland Government’s Container Exchange Scheme can be assured that Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald is fighting to secure a permanent collection point for the region. After a recent meeting with representatives from Container Exchange, the entity tasked with running the scheme, Mr McDonald feels he’s made a strong case for the program to be expanded in the Somerset Region.

“Late last week I had a very promising meeting with two representatives from the Container Exchange Scheme, Glenda Viner and Aaron Walker. Both Glenda and Aaron were keen to take feedback on how the scheme is working in Lockyer and it was a great opportunity for me to pass on the concerns of my constituents looking to access the scheme,” said Mr McDonald. “I’ve had a number of constituents contact me in regards to the Container Refund Scheme and the issues they’ve had with it. The scheme is not currently meeting the expectations of residents and I’ve been fighting to see that changed. I think this meeting was a step in the right direction.”

Some common issues that Mr McDonald passed onto the Container Exchange representatives from Somerset residents, included poor scheduling for mobile collection points and the lack of a permanent collection point in either Lowood or Fernvale.

“At this stage Fernvale is serviced by a mobile collection point for three hours every Monday, while Lowood lacks any collection point. Meanwhile towns of a similar size such as Laidley and Gatton, both have permanent collection points. The Somerset really is missing out and it’s time this changed.”

Mr McDonald was confident that this view is now shared by Container Exchange and that plans may be developed in the future to provide either Lowood or Fernvale with a permanent collection point. “Both Glenda and Aaron agree that there’s definitely a need and opportunity for expansion in the Somerset Region. With this mutual understanding in place I’m hopeful that we’re on the right track to securing a great outcome for Somerset recyclers and I’ll keep fighting to ensure the region gets what it deserves.”