Clarity for Trucks on the Toowoomba Bypass

The long-awaited opening of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing on the 8th of September, has resulted in a few changes for transport operators in the Lockyer Valley. While for some operators the opening of the bypass is an excellent opportunity to save money and shorten trips, transport operators in Withcott have their concerns.

Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald said he’d recently been contacted by a few heavy vehicle owners in Withcott regarding the bypass.

“For these operators, there’s been a lot of uncertainty over whether or not they’ll need to use the Second Range Crossing. For them, using the bypass would mean the added cost of doubling back on themselves, completely removing any benefit the bypass offers for transport operators further East.”

Mr. McDonald recently raised these concerns with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to try and get some clarity on the issue.

“After contacting the Department, I’m happy to confirm that any heavy vehicle operator West of Helidon Spa will not be required to use the Second Range Crossing.” Said Mr. McDonald. “This rule also applies to anyone traveling to or from Warwick, or to a destination in Toowoomba, East of Tor Street.”