Youth crime crisis: Detention as a last resort must be removed from Youth Justice Act

For nearly a decade, Queenslanders have been subject to a growing Youth Crime Crisis, created by Labor’s weak laws and fewer police.

Queenslanders have called for change, but Labor has refused to listen.

Queenslanders have marched in the streets, Labor has walked away from action.

Labor has denied the Youth Crime Crisis even exists and refuses to take responsibility to creating it. 

The Premier has said he won’t make changes to the Youth Justice Act.

Yet now, in the shadows of an election, it’s clear Labor believes Queenslanders will forget the last nine years and trust them.

In their chaos and crisis, Labor thinks they can announce their way out of the Youth Crime Crisis.

After refusing to act when Queenslanders’ lives were on the line, any announcement now is about Labor’s political survival, not than the survival of Queenslanders.

Queenslanders can’t trust anything Labor says on crime, they just don’t take it seriously.

Only the LNP has the Right Priorities, including making our community safer.

That’s why the LNP will roll-out the Making Queensland Safer Laws as the first priority, if elected in October.

The LNP will remove detention as a last resort to repair our broken Youth Justice System.

The LNP will put victims’ rights front and centre of youth justice and deliver gold standard early intervention to turn young lives around.