Giving Seniors a Helping Hand

Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald says many Somerset Seniors may not be receiving many of the Government rebates they’re eligible for.

“Queensland’s Seniors have spent their whole lives contributing to our great state so it’s only fair that they get something back. Unfortunately, most Seniors I speak to aren’t aware of what’s available for them.” Said Mr. McDonald.

Through the Queensland Government, eligible Seniors may be able to receive rebates or discounts on things such as vehicle registration, electricity and gas bills, health costs and other expenses.
Mr. McDonald says that many of the available rebates and discounts are poorly accessed due to a lack of advertising.

“Many Seniors simply don’t know what help is our there for them. Its important that everyone stays well aware of what support they can receive and that’s why I thought it was essential that I try to get the word out.”

Seniors interested in finding out what assistance is available through the Queensland State Government are urged to contact the Lockyer Electorate Office on 53516100 for more information or assistance in applying.