Local Member Welcomes More Police for Helidon

Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald has welcomed the announcement of two additional Police Officers for the Helidon Police Station. These Officers will double the station’s complement and provide a much-needed boost to safety in the community.

‘It is great news to see additional Officers at Helidon Station,’ said Mr McDonald. ‘This is a much needed win for the community and something I have been fighting for since August 2017.’

Mr McDonald thanked the Queensland Police Service for their efforts in bringing the new Officers to the community.

‘Our Police in Queensland do an exceptional job. They work tirelessly to keep us safe and it is wonderful to see them receiving the additional resources they need to do the best job possible.’

Helidon locals also welcomed the news and thanked Mr McDonald for supporting their fight for more Police.

Long-time Helidon resident Louise said, ‘this is fantastic news for Helidon. We can’t thank our Police Officers enough for their work, but it has been obvious for a long time that they are overworked. Having additional Officers at the station will ensure the communities safety and I have to thank Jim for his work in getting us this win.’